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Can I get life insurance if I have medical problems?


Most health problems will not make you ineligible for life insurance, although some will. Someone with a disease whose sufferers tend to have very short life spans, such as a cancer that has metastasized, is unlikely to find a policy. For other sorts of medical problems, obtaining life insurance is fairly easy. Buying a policy at a reasonable price is a different matter. Policies for people with medical issues can be expensive, but there are ways to make them more affordable. One that is applicable to purchases of all types of insurance policies and any other financial product is to shop around and get quotes from several competing providers.
Another way to reduce costs, insurance experts advise, is to wait until the most acute phase of a medical condition has passed, six months to a year after treatment for cancer, for instance, before buying a policy. In the case of something chronic, such as heart disease, insurers might quote you a more favorable rate if you took steps to live a more healthy life, such as giving up smoking or losing weight. You should also make your case for a lower price when you apply for a policy by highlighting such lifestyle changes, along with any other measures that you have taken to improve your health, say if you have high blood pressure but medicine has brought it under control. If you have made changes like these, they could have a salutary effect beyond bringing down the cost of life insurance. Remember, the reason that such steps reduce the cost of insurance is that they are likely to put off the day that the underwriter will have to pay off on the policy.
-Conrad de Aenlle