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Considering the state of the American economy, should I buy an American-made car or a foreign-made car?


It’s hard to answer this without verging into the realm of politics. Some would argue that buying a car made by uncompetitive, overpaid workers in Detroit won’t do much good for the economy or the buyer, for that matter. Keep in mind, though, that foreign cars can be American-made. Companies such as Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and Hyundai manufacture cars in the United States, often in states with lower labor costs, so there are plenty of choices for someone who wants to get a good car and a good deal and still buy American.
Critics may say that those companies are exploiting employees by paying them less than union workers make for the Big Three. That’s a matter of opinion, of course, but if there were better jobs available for employees of the foreign manufacturers, wouldn’t they take them? Perhaps the best option for helping the U.S. economy is to buy the products that you like the most and force companies that make goods that are inferior in your eyes to raise their game and compete more effectively for your business. It’s the American way.
-Conrad de Aenlle