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How can I reduce my auto insurance premium?


Aside from the obvious – don’t hit anything or anybody, and don’t get any tickets – there are some steps that drivers can take to pay less, or at least to avoid paying more, for their car insurance.
Married drivers tend to have fewer accidents than single ones, so if you’ve tied the knot, you will pay lower premiums, all else being equal. Driving a sensible car, such as a utilitarian sedan, will result in lower premiums than, say, a sports car. It’s not just that a more basic, plain-vanilla vehicle is cheaper to fix or replace, but also that souped-up, high-performance models are considered more likely to be involved in accidents, as is the sort of driver who prefers such cars.
While a cheaper, more sensible car is cheaper to insure, you can lower your bill further by driving less overall and by using the car for sensible reasons such as commuting to work. If you’re sure you won’t be putting too many miles on your car and you’re prepared to prove it, you might consider a policy that features odometer-based pricing. In this new wrinkle on an old idea, a driver buys insurance for a set number of miles and then tops up when the limit is reached. Because there’s no expiration date, a police officer can tell that the driver is still covered by comparing the mile limit on the policy with the odometer reading. Oh, and if a cop does give you a ticket, it won’t necessarily cost you, at least not as far as your insurance is concerned. Insurance providers usually allow one ticket every few years without bumping up a driver’s premium.

-Conrad de Aenlle