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How do I say “no” to my adult child’s request for money?


This question is more about personal relations than personal finance, but I’ll take a crack at it. “No” is really all you need to say – it’s your money – but if you would prefer to elaborate, why don’t you just state your reasons calmly and without feeling guilty? I don’t know what your reasons are, but a good one would be that you spent quite a bit of time and money to raise your child, and now that he or she is grown up, your obligation has been fulfilled. If you want to provide some valuable advice, if not cash, you could encourage your child to look for a second job (or a first one if that’s the reason money is so tight), or you could go over his or her finances and suggest ways to economize. As someone who raised a family, you probably have a lot of expertise in that area.

-Conrad de Aenlle