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I’m thinking about buying a hybrid, but I’m not sure if the gas savings are worth the higher cost. Thoughts?


If you’re considering buying a hybrid, you could be in increasingly exclusive company. A new study by the automotive research firm R.L. Polk & Co. reported dwindling popularity for hybrids among people who had already owned one, even with gas prices double what they were three or four years ago. The study found that when owners of hybrids bought a new car in 2011, a mere 35 percent of them bought another hybrid. Another interesting finding is that there was brand loyalty and that it was the hybrid technology itself that car shoppers were turning their backs on. Many buyers stuck with the same manufacturer; 60 percent of the owners of a Toyota Prius who bought a new car in 2011, for instance, bought another Toyota, and 52 percent of Honda hybrid owners bought something else in the Honda family.


-Conrad de Aenlle