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Kinda random: Is the $2 bill still being printed? Why isn’t it as widely circulated as other U.S. currency?


The $2 bill is still in circulation and still printed, but just barely. The bills, which feature Thomas Jefferson on one side and his Virginia home, Monticello, on the other, account for about one percent of U.S. banknotes.

Why no more? Because people don’t like them. Why not? Nobody knows for sure, except that for some reason, also unknown, it’s considered bad luck to have a $2 bill, or a “deuce,” in your possession. If you’re superstitious and find yourself holding one, you’re supposed to spend it as quickly as possible. Bruce Springsteen alluded to the bad-luck myth in an early song called “Blinded by the Light.” A line in the chorus goes: “Blinded by the light, cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night.” In any case, if you have one, you can still buy two bucks’ worth of stuff with it.

-Conrad de Aenlle