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Is there such a thing as pet health insurance? I’ve had a few friends incur high veterinary bills, so I’m trying to be proactive with my bulldog.


There is indeed such a thing as health insurance for pets. Policies are provided by many of the usual suspects that offer coverage for two-legged clients. If you Google “health insurance” and “pets,” you’ll find plenty of websites offering policies. Some examples are, and The last one is affiliated with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, if you’d like to participate in a cause while trying to protect your bulldog and your bank balance.
The price of a policy varies by where you live, what sort of creature you’re buying a policy for, how old it is and what sorts of benefits you want to include. A typical policy for a typical dog living in a typical city will cost about $50 a month and provide a maximum annual benefit of about $8,000 with a $100 deductible.. Is that a good deal? There would have to be one chance in 13 or 14 of a disastrous ailment in any given year for the benefit of a policy to exceed the expense.. The added peace of mind may provide a sufficient intangible benefit, but purely from a number-crunching perspective, the price seems high.
-Conrad de Aenlle