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What are your favorite publications, websites or blogs for reading up on personal finance news and information?


One website that I like because it links to a wide variety of useful and interesting articles, blog posts and charts related to personal finance and investment each day is, edited by Tadas Viskanta, a financial writer who blogs and whose formal work has appeared in academic journals. Personal-finance columns by Jason Zweig in the Wall Street Journal and investment and market columns by Mark Hulbert on (where my monthly column also appears) are uniformly informative, worthwhile and well written. A couple of sites that offer sound analysis of the markets, often from a contrarian point of view, are and

If you follow the markets and are of a contrarian and also slightly subversive bent, you may appreciate, a website written and edited by several people who go by the nom de plume Tyler Durden – the main character from the novel and movie “Fight Club.” Zerohedge publishes numerous posts every day highlighting the absurdities of financial markets, economics and politics, often written with mordant sarcasm that sometimes verges too far into cynicism. It also reports – and occasionally breaks news – about unsavory dealings in the financial world. The site creates enough discomfort on Wall Street that some firms are thought to block access to it from their employees’ computers. That alone ought to make it worth a look.

-Conrad de Aenlle