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Which professions have the best pensions/retirement benefits?


Just about any job in the public sector is going to offer more generous benefits than the equivalent one with a private employer, although state and municipal governments have been curtailing benefits, or at least thinking about it, as a way to make ends meet during these difficult times. In the private sector union jobs generally offer superior benefits to non-union jobs.
An article by U.S. News and World Report identified industries in which private-sector companies offered the most generous retirement benefits, defined as the average amount that employers spend on retirement contributions per employee per hour. Utilities came out on top. The rest of the top five were aircraft manufacturers, colleges and universities, insurance companies and transportation and warehousing businesses.
If you want a job that could leave you with the cushiest pension on the other end of your career, these might be industries to look at. As for careers with the worst benefits, let’s just say that if you were planning to avoid retailing and food service, you have an additional reason to do so.
-Conrad de Aenlle