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Are most credit repair services scams?


I don’t know about most, but some are, and even the ones that are legit take money off the top, often a hefty amount, when they set up plans for repaying creditors. Depending on how much you owe, how much firms charge and the sorts of deals they make with creditors, you could end up having your outstanding balance steadily increase, even as you steadily make payments.
You have two alternatives. You can make the same arrangements that these firms do. It’s a matter of writing to creditors and making offers and counteroffers. A better option for many, especially for those who feel that they lack the skill or sang froid for such negotiations, is to contact a nonprofit debt counseling service. The fees are generally much lower than those charged by for-profit credit repair firms, and sometimes they are reduced or eliminated for clients in especially desperate straits. Lower fees allow far more of a client’s payments to go toward reducing indebtedness. One highly regarded service that’s worth checking out is Apprisen Financial Advocates, 1.800.355.2227,
-Conrad de Aenlle