How often should I use goalgami?

How often should I use goalgami?


We hope that you find goalgami as compelling as we do. Feel free to use it on a regular basis! At the very least, check in with goalgami whenever you experience changes in any aspect of your life: employment, lifestyle (getting married, new baby, etc.) or aspirations (long-term goals).

goalgami is all about innovation. We are continually updating our site, so be sure to look out for additional features and a growing Community section.

Changes in Employment

Whenever your employment situation changes up, take a minute to update your financial information on goalgami. This way, you'll continue to 'be-in-the-know' regarding your financial future. So if you get a promotion with a big fat raise, get a new job elsewhere, drop down to part-time status, get laid off, or decide to quit your job altogether, it's time to log on to goalgami!

Changes in Lifestyle

Experienced a significant change in lifestyle? Update your financial information on goalgami in order to have a realistic view of your financial "Big Picture". Examples of lifestyle changes include, but of course are not limited to: getting engaged, getting married, getting divorced, buying a house, the birth of a child, adopting a child, going to graduate school, etc.

Changes in Goals

Whenever you have a significant lifestyle or employment change, chances are your lifetime goals will change, too. And oftentimes, your goals will change all by themselves -- even if nothing else changes. For example, if your kids set their sights on medical or law school instead of just four years of college. Or let's say you decide to retire at 58 instead of 65. Perhaps you suddenly start hearing wedding bells whenever your daughter mentions her boyfriend. These are all ideal times to update your financial information on goalgami in order to have a realistic outlook on your future.

Reality Checks

Just as you might meet with a financial planner once or twice a year to make sure everything's going well according to your goals, you can log in to goalgami on a similar schedule. The only difference: goalgami is totally free no matter how often you use it, so you won't get invoiced by the hour.

Use goalgami to potentially make your dreams a reality:

  • What if you bought that luxury car you've always wanted?
  • What if you moved across town into a bigger house with higher property taxes?
  • What if you only worked 25 hours a week and went to graduate school at night?

Whenever you come up with a new "What if?" scenario, use goalgami. Simply put your situation into the Stress Test, and find out the projected outcome.


Even if you don't have any changes in employment, lifestyle or goals, we recommend using goalgami on a quarterly basis just to see how you're doing. Are you staying on track to achieve your long-term goals or are you veering off course? Log on and find out.

Remember, goalgami is totally free. So use it as often as you'd like to ensure that you'll achieve your lifelong goals. Most goals are possible, but they require proper planning.