At goalgami, we believe in community. We believe we can learn from each other to both gain greater control of our finances and reach our long-term goals. Visit our Popular Goals section to see how your goals match up with or differ from others based on:

  • Age group: Millennials (Gen Ys), Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Retirees
  • Gender, income, and marital status

Sometimes talking to friends and family about money can be weird. Even the thought of meeting with a financial planner can be intimidating. It's reassuring to have a network of peers with whom you can anonymously share financial concerns, as well as compare your balance sheets goals. goalgami helps you move closer to wiping out the dread and anxiety that sometimes comes with financial planning.

Community features to look for in the future are:

Community Chat: We’ll soon have discussion boards where registered members can swap helpful tips about how they achieved certain financial goals. Let’s say you have an Educational Goal, and you are considering a State University system. Well, you’ll be able to connect with a fellow goalgami member and grab a couple pointers on how their education was financed.