Balance Sheet


Household Balance Sheet

A traditional balance sheet is a financial statement that shows your Assets on one side and Debts on the other. It depicts your net worth at a given point in time. Keep in mind, the traditional balance sheet wasn’t designed to account for future income or spending.

goalgami's Household Balance Sheet encompasses more information than any other planning balance sheet out there. On one side, your Future Income from working, social security, investments and other sources is added to your Assets. This determines your total Resources. On the other side, your Future Spending, which includes living expenses and lifelong goals, are added to your Debts. This determines your total Claims.

Assets + Future Income = Resources | Debts + Future Spending = Claimsgoal details

Using our patented Balance Sheet Approach, goalgami accounts for future income and spending. By including this in its calculations, the Household Balance Sheet paints a much more accurate picture of your financial future so you can see—at a glance—if you’ll have enough Resources to pay for your Claims over your entire life, and how making tradeoffs today can affect your lifestyle tomorrow.

Leveraging a sophisticated analytic engine for present value analysis, goalgami’s Household Balance Sheet:

  • Reflects the household state income tax for valuing income.
  • Incorporates the household’s local home appreciation/depreciation experience.
  • Values cash flows through timeline specified.
  • Compares liquidation value of assets to void the cost of goals and liabilities.

While the analysis is robust, the leading question is simple: can your household afford its goals?